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Benefect®: The Earth-Friendly Choice for Effective Clean Up

At PHS Disaster Services, our signature brand of cleanser is Benefect®, a product known for its safe and earth-friendly ingredients. Benefect is a botanical disinfectant, which means it won’t harm pets, children or the environment, yet it kills more than 99.999% of bacteria, mould and fungal spores!

No Harsh Chemicals

Benefect has been approved for its safety, effectiveness and minimal environmental impact by Health Canada. It sanitizes as well as ammonia or chlorine, yet does so without the harsh chemical components that require protective measures like respirators or face shields.

Made from Plant Extracts

Benefect is said to be less toxic than vinegar. It contains a mixture of plant extracts (essential oils) that kill bacteria, mould and mildew and yet are completely safe. Benefect gets rid of odour-causing bacteria and fungi, which means it deodorizes, too.

Join Us in Using Earth-Friendly Products

PHS Disaster Services uses Benefect because we appreciate its effectiveness and care deeply about the environment. Join us in keeping our beautiful natural surroundings safe for all Canadians.

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