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Cleaning & Sanitizing Solutions for Flood & Water Damage

Restoring Your Home after a Flood

Those who have never experienced a flood don’t understand the extent of damage flood victims incur. It’s not just nice, clean water washing over your belongings. Rather, floodwaters are filthy, full of mud, bacteria, decaying matter and so forth. Everything below the mud mark on the wall—where the floodwaters peaked—must be cleaned, sanitized, deodorized and dried.

Other forms of water damage, caused by everything from a leaking roof to an overflowing dishwasher to a sewer back-up, must also be dealt with promptly. PHS Disaster Services will come to your property, assess the damage and put our plan into action right away, so you can begin to forget this stressful event and move forward.

Mould Damage

Mould is often what comes next, after water damage, and when left untreated, mould can cause both structural damage and have an adverse effect on your family’s health. Our team can assess your property for mould damage and then provide complete removal of all contaminated materials.

If you have water or mould damage thanks to a flood or other water leak, don’t wait to call PHS Disaster Services for rapid, expert service.

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