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Call Us First!

We handle the insurance claim for you.

We Clean Sewer Backups, Floods & Fire Damage 

Residential  Commercial

Call Us First!

We handle the insurance claim for you.

We Clean Sewer Backups, Floods & Fire Damage 

Residential  Commercial

Call Us First!

We handle the insurance claim for you.

We Clean Sewer Backups, Floods & Fire Damage 

Residential  Commercial

PHS Disaster Services, Your 24/7 Solution for Wind, Fire & Flood Damage

When your sewer backs up in the middle of the night, you won’t feel like waiting until morning for help. In that case, call PHS Disaster Services – we have 24/7 service, 365 days of the year for wind, fire, flood or water damage clean up.

As a member of DKI, the largest disaster restoration contracting organization in North America, you can be assured that quick, efficient service and complete client satisfaction is a top priority for our staff.

Flooded Houses

Immediate Response

Uniformed technicians from PHS Disaster Services will respond within 30 minutes of your call to solve your problem, whether it’s fire, wind, or flood damage clean up. We use the most modern technologies to mitigate damage, including the all-natural disinfectant Benefect®.

Benefect®: The Earth-Friendly Choice for Effective Clean Up

At PHS Disaster Services, our signature brand of cleanser is Benefect®, a product known for its safe and earth-friendly ingredients. Benefect® is a botanical disinfectant, which means it won’t harm pets, children or the environment, yet it kills more than 99.999% of bacteria, mould and fungal spores!

No Harsh Chemicals
Benefect® has been approved for its safety, effectiveness and minimal environmental impact by Health Canada. It sanitizes as well as ammonia or chlorine, yet does so without the harsh chemical components that require protective measures like respirators or face shields.

Made from Plant Extracts
Benefect® is said to be less toxic than vinegar. It contains a mixture of plant extracts (essential oils) that kill bacteria, mould and mildew and yet are completely safe. Benefect® gets rid of odour-causing bacteria and fungi, which means it deodorizes, too.

Join Us in Using Earth-Friendly Products
PHS Disaster Services uses Benefect® because we appreciate its effectiveness and care deeply about the environment. Join us in keeping our beautiful natural surroundings safe for all Canadians.

Damage to Your Home or Business?

We welcome residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers. In addition to damage mitigation we also do restoration and reconstruction. We guarantee all our work.


Very Pleased

We are very pleased with the response and work that the Disaster service gave us, the work was done in good time limit with professional service. Thanks

Ruby and Gordon

Addressed All of Our Concerns

My husband and I sincerely appreciated your prompt service – from quotation to installation of fans, and commencement of work. We especially would like to thank your team for addressing all of our concerns without a moments hesitation or argument during the renovation. We love our basement, and would highly recommend your services.


Helpful and Informative

Co-operation and workmanship excellent. David Jeon and staff including Rhonda in the office, were helpful and informative at all times.

John and Lynn

A Job Well Done

Thank you for a job well done and for the extra time that your crew took to cleanup and put back all my furniture and décor.


Contact Information


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Main: 780-462-1083

Toll Free: 1-877-627-6797

If you need emergency clean up and restoration or just want a room remodelled, call us at PHS Disaster Services. We’re eager to get to work on your project!

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